From Students

"Having no prior knowledge or skills in modeling, I was timid to begin the class. But, Noelle made it a very comfortable environment for those of all levels of experience. She was very informative and provided appropriate materials and information regarding most aspects of modeling; from preparing for auditions, different requirements, photos/poses, to walking the runway. She also catered to each individuals needs, mine being different because I was the only male, and provided constructive information for everyone. I highly recommend her and her classes."

 —  Carter H.

"I am not a model, at all. I am the owner of a Pilates studio and have attended several of the workshops that I felt would be helpful for running my business. Noelle is awesome and brings equally awesome people for the panels at the workshops. The workshops are always very relaxed and fun. If you're a little nervous about being a 'non-model' in a room full of models, worry not! In addition to being gorgeous, everyone is very kind, fun, and supportive!"

 —  Lauren T.  

"My daughter asked to sign up for a workshop after it was recommended to her by a local photographer. She is interested in walking in a runway show, and felt that she needed lessons before the casting.  The workshop was exactly what she had hoped for. Not only did Noelle provide tips on everything from finding proper shoes to the importance of being on time and prepared, but also offered to students multiple opportunities to walk in a mock runway situation.  My daughter was so comfortable and happy with the lessons that she has asked to continue working with Noelle."

 —  Katie S. 

"The Model Board led by Ms. Noelle Manica provided a strategic and professional targeted runway walk training. The interaction between the coaches and models was marked by great synergy and collaboration. I feel much more confident about the upcoming Kansas City Fashion Week casting. Thank you for the individual coaching and applicable strategies."

  — April F.

"Noelle offered an opportunity for us to learn and network in a casual and comfortable setting. It was a great afternoon to meet new faces in the community and learn from each other. She and her speakers were great!"

—  Jessica G.

"Natalie really enjoyed the Photoshop 101 Workshop. It was the conversation for the better part of the discussion on our hour-long drive back to Topeka. Joenne Hartley sent pictures right away and there was a remarkable improvement in poses by Natalie. Thank you all for working with her and putting some tools in her modeling bag for future photoshoots!"

 — Ron G. 

" The Model Board offers fun and informational workshops to help people get a better understanding of topics like modeling and photoshoots to social media and makeup/hair tips. The workshops are a great way to meet local professionals as well. Noelle is so sweet and always helpful!!! I have loved every workshop I've attended and will definitely be back for more!!" 

 — Breely W.

"I attended my very first KCFW Runway Workshop and had an amazing experience. I highly recommend Noelle and the Model Board — who provided positive and inspiring feedback for those who want to enhance their runway skills in the fashion modeling industry."

  —  Trekelia D.

"I had an amazing time today and learned so much watching Noelle and the other professional models interact with my daughter, as they instructed her and took their time teaching her. You can guarantee that we will be at every workshop or event that's offered by The Model Board team!"

  —  Paige E.

"I attended the KCFW Runway Workshop and had a really good experience! Noelle and the other models assisting her gave very helpful, honest feedback. It was a super welcoming environment and everyone was so nice. I definitely recommend any aspiring models to take her workshops."

  —   Abigail K.

"Noelle and everyone involved takes every model seriously and will make 100 percent effort to support your dream and career. They are very knowledgeable about the industry as well so they will always be there to guide you on the right path."

 —  Cody V.

"For me in particular, it was a super nice and fun experience. At the same time, I learned modeling techniques, as well as sharing with nice people who made that moment something wonderful. I invite you to participate in workshops like this that help prepare us every day in the world of fashion. Thanks to Noelle and the team."

 —   Jorge G.

From Models

 "The Model Board offers fun and relaxed workshops where you can learn all about the Kansas City fashion industry through networking with the professionals. Noelle is truly amazing and I'm honored to to be a panel member at the "Male Model 101" workshop. Highly recommend!"

  — Vincent S.


       Voices& Models and Talent

"The Model Board prepares you for any aspect of the modeling industry. From casting calls, to photography to makeup and hair. There are so many wonderful classes that are offered through The Model Board that can help anyone looking to get into the industry or brush up on their techniques. Check them out!"  

 —  Heather M.


" Kansas City’s fashion community has a great asset in The Model Board. The workshops offered are diverse in talent and knowledge. Noelle was the perfect person to take on this need in our community to help new models learn to become successful. I was honored to be a panelist and hope to help participate again in the future!" 

 —  Stephanie R.


"Noelle, thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to be a panelist at the "Male Model 101 Workshop"! I really had a great time sharing my experience in the fashion industry. I highly recommend to anyone looking to tap in the industry or for those wanting to enhance their skills. The workshops definitely prepare you to be successful! Noelle, what you’ve created here in KC is groundbreaking and I wish you nothing but success. Look forward to working with you again in the future!" 

 —  Joshua B.


       Exposure Model & Talent Agency

" Awesome teaching from someone who actually knows the business and has been working in it for years..!! I would recommend The Model Board for anyone just starting or even if you’ve been in the industry for a while. There’s always room to grow and you may learn something that you didn’t know...!"

 —  Terra L.


"My daughter and I both took a runway coaching lesson with Noelle for an upcoming show. We learned a great deal about our walks, our shoulder carriage, eye positioning, end of runway poses, and our facial expressions. Noelle seeks to answer all your questions and her friendly demeanor makes coaching fun and productive! She shares everything she knows willingly and freely. Very worthwhile!

 — Heather S.


      Exposure Model & Talent Agency


"I was looking for advice in wanting to pursue modeling full-time and Noelle/The Model Board was exactly what I was looking for. She has been modeling for years now, knows what to do and who to contact. She helped me with my portfolio, reaching other agencies, and really invests into my work. I would get texts throughout the day on ideas that I should do. Which shows how much she really cares for helping other. I strongly suggest looking into coaching from her. Especially if you are new to modeling and need a lot of help getting into the modeling world!"

  — Ian M.


      Wilhelmina LA//Voices& Models and Talent

"I have been modeling off and on for a couple years, and was wanting to get more involved in the industry and learn more about how to grow as a model. After three private sessions with Noelle, I really feel like she provided me with all the information and resources I needed to do that. She provided me with information I needed to become more professional and proactive in my work. She is extremely supportive, and even after our private sessions ended she is still finding ways to help me with my career. I would highly recommend meeting with Noelle to anyone who is wanting to learn more about modeling or wanting to help move their career forward!"

 - Lillie W.


   Voices& Models and Talent

"I recently attended a Casting Call Workshop taught by Noelle Manica. She was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and very attentive to each model. She was detailed and informative of what to expect at a runway casting call. I had never attempted to walk a runway before, but she took the time to critique my walk with very precise instruction. I left feeling much more confident in my potential abilities to walk a runway incorporating the advice that Noelle gave me along with a little practice and repetition."

 —  Nasonya R.


       Exposure Model & Talent Agency

“I hired Noelle as a private modeling coach for three 1-hour sessions and I could not be more thrilled that I did. I’ve been modeling for 2 years professionally and she has helped take me to the next level. Her guidance was thoroughly insightful— I highly recommend The Model Board!” 

 —  Maria S.


       Exposure Model & Talent Agency

"Noelle Manica is in a class of her own. Her coaching and professionalism were consistent in every session we had. If you are a wanting to become a model, or you are a seasoned veteran whose career is stagnating, Noelle is the person to train and connect you to the industry. This was the best decision I made in regard to my modeling and acting career."

 - Bryan L.


"I’ve been modeling for 2 years now and the model board helped me take my modeling career to the next level. I learned how to perfect my walk and poses on the runway and feel like she provided me with all the information and resources I need to become more proactive. I also enjoyed how I felt welcomed in all her classes and felt the genuine support and her willingness to help me succeed in the modeling industry. I highly recommend the model board as it helped me feel so much more confident in my walk!"

 - Ailynn L.


From Designers

"Noelle is the epitome of professionalism.  I first worked with her during NYFW SS18. She genuinely wanted to ensure the success of the show by learning the inspiration for the collection, when she hit the cat walk her attitude and saunter reflected that power.  I am honored anytime I have the opportunity to work with her, and her attitude is contagious."

Dara Sophia Romero


Hopeless+Cause Atelier

"It has been my absolute pleasure to know Noelle both personally and professionally.  She is amazing to work with and is extremely knowledgeable as well as coachable. Every time we have worked together, she’s made my brand stand out and look absolutely amazing. Noelle represents everything that my business stands for in fashion."

Justin Houpe


Naava Swim // Naava Intimates

“If I think of the empowered woman that I see walking my show — it would undoubtedly be her — Noelle Manica. Her grace, confidence, beauty and the walk that makes you stop for a moment to observe every movement [of silk, drape] and detail of MDV garment she so magnificently presents. It’s humbling and yet delivers a flavor of power."

Munisa Khuramova



 "It is such a blessing to have Noelle as a friend and a colleague! From the very first day, when we met and then started working together at KCFW, her professionalism, grace, and timeless beauty blew my mind away immediately. She is a human being of the highest caliber. I wish all young models and designers to have a chance to work with Noelle and experience all of her qualities first hand - this will have an immensely positive effect on their future success! Thank you, Noelle!"

Irina Tevzadze

Artist & Designer

"I've worked with Noelle during NYFW and she was definitely one of my BEST runway models! It was obvious to see that she was well-seasoned and has been doing this for some years. I would absolutely recommend her to any designer in need of a model or to be a trainer to other aspiring models!" 

Shaquoya Jackson


ShaLaJa Swimwear

"I encourage everybody who is looking to get into runway modeling, pageantry, castings or in general to further their knowledge of the industry to check out Noelle Manica at The Model Board. She is an agency based model with experience nationwide and Paris. Noelle is a few who knows ALL the insides of what the big shows and industry is looking for. Don’t sell yourself short and BOOK HER NOW."

 —  Roger Figueroa



From Photographers

"I’ve shot for various designers for NYFW and I have to admit that shooting Noelle was a huge delight. Not only does she exhibit one of the most commanding walks on the runway, she exudes power and beauty at the same time, which brings incredible personality to any fashion she models. She makes it so extremely easy from a photographer’s perspective to catch amazingly beautiful images. She walks with such an awareness of how to bring out the best of the designers’ fashions. Impeccable!

For anyone looking to break into modeling and needing a mentor, I highly recommend Noelle. Her poses, her grace, her expressiveness and her powerful walks on the runway, are all tools that when packaged together will propel the career of any model looking for sustained success.

It's a pleasure shooting Noelle and I’m flattered that one of my images was chosen to represent her stunning beauty and her grace on the runway."

 — Kevin Christian 

"I highly recommend Noelle and the Model Board. I have participated in fashion shoots with Noelle and I love working with her. She is so professional and easy to work with. A photo shoot with her goes very fast because she needs absolutely no direction at all. The shoot just flows smoothly.

I have also worked with Noelle and The Model Board doing model casting call and posing workshops. I look forward to doing many more workshops with Noelle. It is such a great opportunity for all of us from different areas in the fashion industry to come together and grow in a relaxed fun atmosphere. You can be a beginner or a model that wants to take it to the next level. I recommend her for not only workshops but also mentoring. I have seen her work with the new models and she is so giving of her time and experience. 

 —  Jo Hartley 

"Noelle doesn’t just pose for the sake of posing, she plays the part of the designer she’s wearing and the environment she’s in. Part of the model's job is to look your best, but you must also let the wardrobe speak as well. Noelle not only knows this, it’s in her bones."

 —  Mark Hanson